In a little alley, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city of Hanoi, we visited an incredibly warm and cozy house, which is also the “kitchen” for Mr.Binh – the chef of Le Xoong restaurant. With many years of experiences working in French restaurant, his style is also got influenced more or less. “Most of our dishes are Western, and beside, how to decorate them beautifully is also extremely important” - He shared.

The restaurant is well known for their salads, which are the combination of a variety of vegetables, exotics fruits, add in with some pieces of meat and a little touch of sauce. They all made the dishes full of nutrition and just simply irresistible.



With his beautifully made dishes of Argentinian steak, marinated using his own “secret recipe”, Mr.Binh brought us an exotic experience but yet familiar. By using the vacuum sealing method that only can be seen in 5-stars restaurants, the meat is cooked directly inside of the bag and gets to keep all of the tasty juice, which can’t be done with the traditional method of cooking steak.



A huge appreciation to Le Xoong for treating us this absolute wonderful of a meal, converged by all different elements, from excellent special dishes with amazing sauce to a space that give us such a family-like feeling and coziness. And if ever got another chance, we will definitely come back to revisit this special “kitchen” one day.