The Argentine Food Festival is organized on 2nd, 3rd and 4th November 2017 at Café du lac - Intercontinental Westlake Hotel. This is a buffet of Argentinean dishes with the participation of Argentine Ambassador Juan Carlos Valle Raleigh and Argentinean famous chef Alberto Curia.


The Ambassador shared that he hoped for a coorperation sustainable between Vietnam and Argentine in the future, and he believes that Argentine cuisine in general and Argentine beef in particular would become more and more populare and become one of top choices of Vietnamese people.



Sesame Jsc. is proud to participate in the party as one of the main sponsor.



The meat of the breed "Black Angus" is processed very special and bold flavor of this Tango country. The steak will be rare, medium or well depending on the taste of each guest.



The famous chef Argentine Alberto Curia also entertained all the guests here by giving them a plate of delicious beef. We also have a chance to see this chef cut a piece of meat that is still succulent and extremely beautiful. The meat is not dry but on the contrary is very soft and fragrant.