The Malbec world day is organized on April 17th. This event is a wine tasting party with the participation of Argentine Ambassador to Vietnam Juan Carlos Valle Raleigh and world leading sommelier Tô Việt held at the Hemispheres restaurant, Sheraton Hanoi Hotel The event, among a series of activities to celebrate Malbec World Day, aims to introduce and promote Argentina’s high quality and characteristic wine brand Malbec to the Việt Nam market.

On this occasion, Sesame Jsc., is proud to be one of the sponsor for this event. With “The Heart of Argentina” theme,We were very glad to serve the 2 famous cuts of Argentine Black Angus: Tenderloin and Ribeye (cube roll). All the cuts were cooked by argentine receipe and enjoyed in argentine way.

Mr. Chung – the Executive Head Chef of Sheraton Hotel Hanoi strongly recommended the Argentine Black Angus for every menu and receipe because of its quality, tender and juicy.

According to the meeting with the Embassy of Argentina in Vietnam, the ambassador Juan Carlos Valle Raleigh do believe in the potential of partnership in exporting frozen beef to Vietnam. And the Embassy commit to provide the best condition and envinronment for the further business development.

(Source: The Embassy of Argentina in Vietnam)